• Help for Mars -- July 8, 2020 1
    AM & PM,  Devotions for Kids

    Help for Mars — July 8, 2020

    Want a cool summer project? No really, not some craft making a pipe-cleaner animal. You can help out NASA with a Mars project–they need help. It turns out that the Mars Rover machine that has been on Mars for the…

  • PM: November 11, 2019 2
    Devotions for Kids

    PM: November 11, 2019

    Fun fact for the night: in Switzerland, it is illegal to only own one guinea pig. Since guinea pigs need company, they consider it cruel to the guinea pig to make it live alone. Loneliness is a problem in the…

  • PM: November 4, 2019 3
    Devotions for Kids

    PM: November 4, 2019

    We just had the time change–most of you probably didn’t notice it much since it happened at 2am early Sunday morning, but you may be noticing it tonight when all of a sudden it’s dark before dinner time. Did you…

  • AM: 9-11, 2019 -- Hope in the Darkness 4
    Devotions for Kids

    AM: 9-11, 2019 — Hope in the Darkness

    9-11. Today we remember the terrorist attack on New York City, which started at 8:46 am NY time in 2001. 2, 977 people died on 9-11 from these attacks, and many more were injured–the deadliest attack on US land, even…

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    PM: July 14, 2019

    Sorry–we’ve had some technical difficulties the last two days, so some posts are missing. We think we solved the problem, but sometimes, things are out of your control and you just gotta roll with it. We think we are in…

  • Devotions for Kids

    AM: June 28, 2019

    Fun fact for the day: the strongest being in the animal world? Dung beetle. For its size, its the strongest–it can pull 1,110 times its weight. The strongest non-insect type? A gorilla–it can lift 10 times their body weight, which…