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Devotions for Kids

AM: November 26, 2019

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On this date in the year 1865, the book Alice in Wonderland was published by Lewis Carroll. You may have seen the movie or read the book, but if not, the main character Alice follows a white rabbit and falls down a rabbit hole, and ends up in this crazy world, where nothing makes sense. They celebrate un-birthdays, she keeps growing too big or too small, and there is a crazy queen after her whose soldiers made of playing cards.

Sometimes the world makes no sense. But we have a God who loves order and consistency. Think about how the world spins around in perfect time–the same for thousands of years. And God created the world with laws like gravity. There are so many ways God shows his order–those things help us see it and not be afraid when the world seems overwhelming.

33 God is not a God of confusion but a God of peace.

1 Corinthians 14:33 (ERV)

Dear Lord, Thank you for being a God of order, not confusion. Thank you for setting things in place, so I can see your dependability. Help me when I feel overwhelmed by the world, to see you. Amen.

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