• Repeat -- July 30, 2020 1
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    Repeat — July 30, 2020

    Kinda weird, but last year on July 30, we wrote about Hope. And today in the news, there’s studies that show a vaccine for COVID19 is becoming a lot closer to being made. A vaccine helps you to not get…

  • Check Your Stripes -- July 29, 2020 2
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    Check Your Stripes — July 29, 2020

    Today is International Tiger Day. Fun facts about tigers: they can grow up to 11 feet long and weigh up to 660 pounds, they are great swimmers and can swim over 3.5 miles, a group of them is called an…

  • Good Trouble -- July 25, 2020 3
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    Good Trouble — July 25, 2020

    In the news last week, US Congressman John Lewis died. Lewis is one of the Big Six of the Civil Rights movement in the 60’s, working alongside Martin Luther King Jr. Mr. Lewis fought for equality of all people since…

  • Paying for Light? -- July 24, 2020 4
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    Paying for Light? — July 24, 2020

    This day in history–a very weird fact. On July 24, 1851, in England they ended a tax on windows in houses. It sounds kind of dumb, and it really was a dumb thing–since 1696, home owners had to pay taxed…

  • Just Chillin... -- July 22, 2020 5
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    Just Chillin… — July 22, 2020

    Today is National Hammock Day. Is there anyone who doesn’t like hammocks? Can’t you just imagine laying there, with a bit of a breeze, birds chirping, just chillin… Sounds pretty good to me. I think the world would be more…

  • Lollipop Dreams -- July 20, 2020 6
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    Lollipop Dreams — July 20, 2020

    Today is National Lollipop Day, so a few fun facts about them: The largest one was made by See’s Candies in California and weighed 7000 pounds, in 1908 a machine was made that could make 40 lollipops a minute, and…