• Bit of Stink -- July 5, 2020 1
    AM & PM,  Devotions for Kids

    Bit of Stink — July 5, 2020

    In the news this week, in Berlin, Germany, people on public transportation like trains and busses are not wearing mask correctly. Incorrect wearing of masks are things like not having it over your nose, or having it on too loosely.…

  • January 18, 2020 - Best Friends 3
    Devotions for Kids

    January 18, 2020 – Best Friends

    So we couldn’t stop at just those quotes from Winnie-the-Pooh. This morning were more about adventure and doing Nothing–now we have a few about friends and people you just love so, so much. “‘Hallo!’ said Tigger. ‘I’ve found somebody just…

  • PM: November 13, 2019 4
    Devotions for Kids

    PM: November 13, 2019

    Fun fact for the night: a few years ago in England, a swarm of bees followed a car for two days–why? They were desperately trying to save their queen from the metal monster. Or as the news article put it…

  • Devotions for Kids

    PM: June 5, 2019

    Did you ever see the movie Toy Story? What’s your favorite part? I like it when Buzz thinks he’s a real space ranger, and when he tries stuff it just works by accident, like his ‘flying’. The first one is…

  • Devotions for Kids

    AM: June 5, 2019

    Think of your best friend, something that makes you laugh. Probably pretty easy thing to do, right? Fun fact for the day: cows have best friends. I like to imagine two cows hanging out, making jokes about the flies, or…