• Peace -- July 10, 2020 1
    AM & PM,  Devotions for Kids

    Peace — July 10, 2020

    Be strong, all you who put your hope in the Lord. Never give up. Psalms 31;24 (NIRV) 37 But in all these troubles we have complete victory through God, who has shown his love for us. 38-39 Yes, I am sure that nothing can…

  • Help for Mars -- July 8, 2020 2
    AM & PM,  Devotions for Kids

    Help for Mars — July 8, 2020

    Want a cool summer project? No really, not some craft making a pipe-cleaner animal. You can help out NASA with a Mars project–they need help. It turns out that the Mars Rover machine that has been on Mars for the…

  • Free from Sin -- July 7, 2020 3
    AM & PM,  Devotions for Kids

    Free from Sin — July 7, 2020

    In the news last week, the state of Mississippi passed a bill to officially change the state flag. The flag of Mississippi has the Confederate flag on it. The Confederate flag was used by the South and is a symbol…

  • Bit of Stink -- July 5, 2020 5
    AM & PM,  Devotions for Kids

    Bit of Stink — July 5, 2020

    In the news this week, in Berlin, Germany, people on public transportation like trains and busses are not wearing mask correctly. Incorrect wearing of masks are things like not having it over your nose, or having it on too loosely.…