• Chocolate Rain : August 26, 2020 1
    AM & PM

    Chocolate Rain : August 26, 2020

    In the news last week, a Swiss town, Olten, had some unusual rain… chocolate. It turns out that one of the famous chocolate factories had a problem with the vents, so chocolate powder was getting blown into the town. Because…

  • Comfy? May 22, 2020 3
    AM & PM,  Devotions for Kids

    Comfy? May 22, 2020

    How about a couple of fun facts for today? Did you know that the Blue Jay bird can mimic the call of a hawk to scare other birds away? Some boy lemurs will ‘stink fight’ each other–yep, you guessed it–they…

  • PM: November 4, 2019 4
    Devotions for Kids

    PM: November 4, 2019

    We just had the time change–most of you probably didn’t notice it much since it happened at 2am early Sunday morning, but you may be noticing it tonight when all of a sudden it’s dark before dinner time. Did you…

  • PM: October 15, 2019 5
    Devotions for Kids

    PM: October 15, 2019

    There’s a saying “Perfect is the enemy of good”. This is usually said when people don’t try and do a project, or won’t try and learn something new because they are afraid they won’t be perfect or great at it.…

  • AM: 9-11, 2019 -- Hope in the Darkness 6
    Devotions for Kids

    AM: 9-11, 2019 — Hope in the Darkness

    9-11. Today we remember the terrorist attack on New York City, which started at 8:46 am NY time in 2001. 2, 977 people died on 9-11 from these attacks, and many more were injured–the deadliest attack on US land, even…