• Power --August 30, 2020 1
    AM & PM

    Power –August 30, 2020

    If you’ve been on Diddly Snails for a while, you know we love our Marvel movies, so it’s been a sad weekend after hearing that Chadwick Boseman, the man who played Black Panther died on Friday. Celebrities are not more…

  • Chocolate Rain : August 26, 2020 2
    AM & PM

    Chocolate Rain : August 26, 2020

    In the news last week, a Swiss town, Olten, had some unusual rain… chocolate. It turns out that one of the famous chocolate factories had a problem with the vents, so chocolate powder was getting blown into the town. Because…

  • Say Sorry : August 25, 2020 3
    AM & PM

    Say Sorry : August 25, 2020

    Today is National “Kiss and Make Up Day”. It doesn’t actually mean you have to kiss someone, but it is a phrase to fix any problems you have with someone, especially someone you love. It means that today is a…

  • Angels Here : August 22, 2020 4
    AM & PM

    Angels Here : August 22, 2020

    Today is National Be an Angel Day. We’re not talking about dressing up with wings and trying to fly out of your tree–it means to be kind to someone. Do you know anyone who is struggling right now? Can you…

  • Finding Coins -- August 16, 2020 5
    AM & PM

    Finding Coins — August 16, 2020

    Did you know there is a shortage of coins in the US right now? If you go to a store, there’s a good chance they can’t give you coins back. Because of COVID19, people aren’t using their coins, so they…

  • Sheesh... August 13, 2020 6
    AM & PM

    Sheesh… August 13, 2020

    We’re living in a time where people are disappointed. Seniors didn’t get a graduation ceremony, people had to cancel weddings–you couldn’t even have a funeral for someone that died. So it’s okay to feel disappointment–we get it. God speaks to…