• November 30, 2019 1
    Devotions for Kids

    November 30, 2019

    So, officially it’s Christmas season–especially with the whole Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping craze. Fun facts about Black Friday shopping: last year 165 million people shopped on Black Friday, and oddly, it is also the busiest day of the year for…

  • November 29, 2019 2
    Devotions for Kids

    November 29, 2019

    Today is National Day of Listening. Fun facts: research shows that people remember about 17-25% of what they hear, men use only half their brain when listening while women use both sides, also, if you listen to someone complaining for…

  • November 28, 2019 3
    Devotions for Kids

    November 28, 2019

    Not a big surprise, but today’s fun facts topic–Thanksgiving. It was first celebrated in 1621, but became a National Holiday in 1863. About 46 million turkeys are cooked every year, and 100,000 people call the turkey hotline every year for…

  • PM: November 27, 2019 4
    Devotions for Kids

    PM: November 27, 2019

    Thanksgiving memory verse #2: 17 Everything you say and everything you do should be done for Jesus your Lord. And in all you do, give thanks to God the Father through Jesus. Colossians 3:17 (ERV)

  • AM: November 27, 2019 5
    Devotions for Kids

    AM: November 27, 2019

    Fun fact for the day: if your mom or dad is on social media, you may have heard of Twitter. The logo for twitter is a blue bird–did you know he has a name? His name, Larry, Larry the Bird.…

  • PM: November 26, 2019 6
    Devotions for Kids

    PM: November 26, 2019

    Thankfulness Since it’s almost Thanksgiving, one of the best things you can do is to create ways to remind yourself to be thankful. One great way–memorize Bible verses about being thankful. Try this during the next few days: ask your…