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Devotions for Kids

AM: October 26, 2019

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Photo by skeeze on Pixabay

Fun fact: the Saharan Silver Ants are the fastest ants in the world (and sorry, by the way, the photo is NOT a SSA). They can take 47 steps per second. Researchers recorded them to find out, and they figured out that the SSA’s feet hit the ground for .007 of a second. That’s fast. But you know what else is cool about these ants? They are named silver ants because of silver hairs on their body, that reflect sunlight and help keep them cool.

Those kinds of details aways amaze me. God thought to make an ant with silver hairs on it to cool it, while it faces 140 degree hot sand. Amazing. It’s good to stop and wonder about the mysteries of God. We too often go to Siri, or Alexa, or Google to find things out immediately, but really–it’s good to stop and wonder about things. We are meant to be creatures that wonder–God is a mystery–we don’t know everything about him and we sure can’t ask Siri to explain God. If God made us to be in mystery, maybe we should not jump to find out everything about everything. Maybe we should stop and wonder why…maybe we should be okay with mysteries?

Do you think you really understand God?
    Do you completely understand God All-Powerful?
That knowledge is higher than the heavens
    and deeper than the place of death.
So what can you do?
    How can you learn it all?
It is greater than the earth
    and bigger than the seas.

Job 11:7-9 (ERV)

Dear God, sometimes I try to know it all, forgive me for my pride. Teach me how to be still, and to just be in awe and wonder of life. Amen.

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