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AM: September 25, 2019

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In the news this week, one of the biggest travel companies in England went out of business overnight. This may not seem like a big deal, but they had their own airplanes, hotels–all the things for traveling… so what that means is if you were on vacation this week–you’re stuck. According to news, about 600,000 tourists are stranded and trying to get back home.

Imagine being forgotten and alone like that. We will never be forgotten or alone. There may be days when it feels like it, when it feels like you’re invisible. But you are loved. You are loved by your family and you’re loved by Jesus. Even if your friends walk away from you, even if everyone at school is against you–you are loved by the Almighty. Be at peace about that.

 You open your hands
    and give every living thing all that it needs.
17 Everything the Lord does is good.
    Everything he does shows how loyal he is.
18 The Lord is near to everyone
    who sincerely calls to him for help.

Psalm 145:16-18 (ERV)

Dear Lord, Be near me today. Amen.

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