April 3, 2020: Rainbow Finder 1
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April 3, 2020: Rainbow Finder

April 3, 2020: Rainbow Finder 2
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Today is National Find a Rainbow Day. Fun facts: did you know rainbows can be full circles? It’s the earth that cuts it off from view, so if you were in an airplane, you could see the whole thing. Also: rainbows are created when light rays bend and the light is reflected, and rainbows are easier to see in the morning and evening–specifically when the sun is low at a 42 degree angle.

It’s not so easy to just go out and find an actual rainbow in the sky, so you may need to problem-solve this one–can you make a rainbow with a prism? Or in the mist of a sprayer? Or maybe you don’t actually look for a rainbow, but instead you look for hope today, since that’s what a rainbow usually stands for. Hope and a promise.

God used a rainbow to make a promise to his people–that he would never destroy the world with a flood. He gave us the rainbow as a reminder, so that we will always have hope–even when there are storms, even when life seems hard, even when things do not go our way–we have hope. Because God made us a promise–to be with us during the hard times–and he keeps his promises. The rainbow is for us–so we have a reminder.

This agreement says that a flood will never again destroy all life on the earth. 16 When I look and see the rainbow in the clouds, I will remember the agreement that continues forever. I will remember the agreement between me and every living thing on the earth.” 17 So God said to Noah, “This rainbow is proof of the agreement that I made with all living things on earth.”

Genesis 9:15-17 (ERV)

Dear God in Heaven, thank you for rainbows, for hope and for reminders that you keep your promises. Thank you for being with me every second of every day. Amen.

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