March 12, 2020 - Fear & Worry 1
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March 12, 2020 – Fear & Worry

March 12, 2020 - Fear & Worry 2
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So, there’s no way to avoid thinking or talking about COVID19, the coronavirus that is all over the news. You may have talked about it at school, and your teachers and parents are probably encouraging you to wash your hands more often–things like that. Times like this, it’s easy to start worrying.

God is in control, in the middle of times where is seems it’s just chaos. We see chaos, God sees us. We are loved and watched over. God never promises life to be easy, but he does promise to never leave us. He is on the throne of Heaven, and nothing escapes his attention.

“Be strong and brave…  The Lord will lead you. He himself is with you. He will not fail you or leave you. Don’t worry. Don’t be afraid!”

Deuteronomy 31:7a & 8

The Lord is leading us. Don’t worry. Don’t be afraid.

Dear Father in Heaven, thank you for watching over us. Thank you for being with me all the time and never failing me. Amen.

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