Bit of Stink -- July 5, 2020 1
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Bit of Stink — July 5, 2020

Bit of Stink -- July 5, 2020 2
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In the news this week, in Berlin, Germany, people on public transportation like trains and busses are not wearing mask correctly. Incorrect wearing of masks are things like not having it over your nose, or having it on too loosely. One idea they came up with? Asking people to not use deodorant… yep, they think that if people are smelly enough, it’ll make riders put on their masks. It started out as a joke, but now it’s a thing.

It’s good to encourage and help people to make good choices. Be the kind of friend who helps friends be reliable, trustworthy and kind. Lead them to God, not away from Him.

Some friends are fun to be with,[a] but a true friend can be better than a brother.

Proverbs 18:24 (ERV)

Dear Lord, Help me to be like a brother to my friends, to look out for them, stand with them, and help them stay true to you. Amen.

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