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Devotions for Kids

November 30, 2019

November 30, 2019 2
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So, officially it’s Christmas season–especially with the whole Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping craze. Fun facts about Black Friday shopping: last year 165 million people shopped on Black Friday, and oddly, it is also the busiest day of the year for … plumbers. Apparently people block up their drains on Thanksgiving…

Maybe you’ve already decorated, maybe you love being surrounded by Christmas music for the next few weeks. Some people are not quite ready for it yet. Either way though, Christmas season is about keeping the right perspective.

For now, the perspective is to not forget Thanksgiving quite yet. Stop right now and think of 10 things you’re grateful for–and they can’t be things like toys or anything.

Now, go and tell someone you’re grateful for them–let them know so you don’t take them for granted.

That is why I always remember you in my prayers and thank God for you.

Ephesians 1:15 (ERV)

Dear Lord, Show me how to be thankful in my life. You are so good to me Lord, I am truly blessed. Amen.

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