A Different Perspective : June 3, 2020 1
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A Different Perspective : June 3, 2020

A Different Perspective : June 3, 2020 2
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In the news this week, a man by the name of Christo died. Who was Christo? He was an artist who was known for wrapping things in fabric. Yep, you heard me right–seems kind of funny, huh? But he didn’t wrap little things–he covered huge buildings, bridges, cliff-sides–huge projects that don’t seem possible. And when he covered a building in fabric, it only stayed that way for a few days, maybe a week, and then it was gone. Why do that? To make people see things differently, to notice things they never did before.

What can you do right now, as a kid in the world of COVID and of protests because of racism? How can you see things differently? Look around your house–do you watch tv shows and movies that show stories about people from beyond what you’re used to? What about the books on your shelves? Do you know much about the history in America–not just MLK Jr, but about names like Emmet Til? Or about Japanese internment camps during WW2?

God’s command to us is to love–everyone. More than ourselves. One way to start right now, is to try and see things differently. Can you try and understand why someone is angry right now? Why they are protesting, rioting? Maybe your family is protesting–can you understand why not everyone is comfortable doing that?

We need to start trying.

Your love must be real. Hate what is evil. Do only what is good. 10 Love each other in a way that makes you feel close like brothers and sisters. And give each other more honor than you give yourself.

Romans 12:9-10 (ERV)

Dear Jesus, teach me to love in a real way. Forgive me for not being able to see clearly, show me how to honor others better. Amen.

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