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Devotions for Kids

AM: September 27, 2019

AM: September 27, 2019 2
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Today is National Chocolate Milk Day. Fun fact: did you know that according to science, if you drink chocolate milk after a hard work out that challenges your muscles, it helps your muscles develop and recover faster.

What about if you’re tired in spirit? Some days are like that. When we hit this time of the year, school has been going for a while now, it’s not staying light as long–sometimes you may get a bit more cranky, or just plain tired and worn out, for no good reason. God understands us–remember that Jesus was human on earth–Jesus understands tiredness. So when we feel like we’ve been doing hard mental or emotional workouts, God is our recovery. He promises it, and his promises are true. Pray and ask him for strength and rest–that might just mean he gives you a day without stress, or whatever you were worried about maybe goes fine. He’ll take care of it.

I will give rest and strength to those who are weak and tired.

Jeremiah 31:25 (ERV)

Dear Jesus, give me strength for today and hope for tomorrow. I am blessed, and I am full of joy because of what you’ve done for me. Amen.

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