April 11, 2020: Mountains of Jelly Beans 1
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April 11, 2020: Mountains of Jelly Beans

April 11, 2020: Mountains of Jelly Beans 2
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Since Easter is tomorrow, let’s have a few fun facts: most years (who knows what this year is like) but usually, Americans eat 1.5 million Peeps at Easter, the factory in England that makes the Cadbury chocolate eggs makes 500 million of them per year, and we eat 16 million jelly beans during the holiday–which makes the fact that Americans spend 2.9 billion dollars on Easter candy every year (wow), and in the old days, pretzels were an Easter food because the twist looks like arms crossed in prayer.

Prayer is something we kinda take for granted. It seems like a chore, like ‘did you remember to pray before bed?’ –that kind of thing. But stop and think about it–you have a direct connection to the Creator of the Universe… it’s like you have the Almighty God, the Savior and God Who Can Move Mountains–it’s like you have his cell phone number. I mean, you can talk to him anytime. ANYTIME. That’s crazy.

So today, maybe think more often during the day to stop and just talk to God. He’s right there, and He wants you to talk to him. Miracle Maker, Light of the World, wants to talk to YOU.

Give thanks to the Lord and call out to him! Tell the nations what he has done! Sing to him; sing praises to him. Tell about the amazing things he has done. 10 Be proud of his holy name. You followers of the Lord, be happy! 11 Depend on the Lord for strength. Always go to him for help.

1 Chronicles 16:8-11 (ERV)

Dear Father God, Almighty, Thank you for letting me come to you, forgive me for not praying as often as I should–give me a desire to talk to you throughout the day. Amen.

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