April 12, 2020: Risen King 1
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April 12, 2020: Risen King


He is risen.

He is risen indeed.

Happy Easter!

Today we celebrate the JOY in having a God who defeated death.

This is a day of JOY and celebration around the world. Lift up your voice and praise His name.

Today is an Easter like no other–churches around the world are quiet. Believers are at home, worshipping the Lord, instead of together. Make an effort to help make this a memory for your family. How can you worship the Risen King in your home?

Take your time. Read the Easter story from the Bible. Listen to some great Easter songs. Tell your family something you are grateful for. This is a chance to praise the Lord on this Holy Day with just your family–take advantage of it.

16 The next day after the Sabbath day, Mary Magdalene, Salome, and Mary the mother of James bought some sweet-smelling spices to put on Jesus’ body. Very early on that day, the first day of the week, the women were going to the tomb. It was very early after sunrise. The women said to each other, “There is a large stone covering the entrance of the tomb. Who will move the stone for us?” Then the women looked and saw that the stone was moved. The stone was very large, but it was moved away from the entrance. The women walked into the tomb and saw a young man there wearing a white robe. He was sitting on the right side of the tomb. The women were afraid. But the man said, “Don’t be afraid. You are looking for Jesus from Nazareth, the one who was killed on a cross. He has risen from death! He is not here. Look, here is the place they put him when he was dead. Now go and tell his followers. And be sure to tell Peter. Tell them, ‘Jesus is going into Galilee and will be there before you come. You will see him there, as he told you before.’”

Mark 16: 1-7 (ERV)

Dear Jesus–thank you, thank you, thank you–for dying on the cross, for being willing to be separated from God–all to save us from death and sin. Hallelujah–what a Savior! Amen.

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