April 27, 2020: Time for a Story 1
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April 27, 2020: Time for a Story

April 27, 2020: Time for a Story 2
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Today is National Tell a Story Day. Think about how important stories are to us–even if you don’t think they are. Stories are all around us–we tell stories, both real and made-up, we listen to other people’s stories, we read them, we watch them–without stories the world would really be a boring place. Just think about when something happens–when you tell your friends about it–that’s you telling a story.

One thing that I really hope for you is that you have someone to tell you stories. Maybe it’s a parent, but is there a grandparent who has stories to tell? Could you call them and ask to hear about when they were your age?

Stories keep us connected. Stories teach us. They make us feel emotions and imagine new amazing worlds and people. Stories make us understand others. That’s power.

God gave us His story in the Bible. God’s word teaches and inspires, and helps us understand. That’s powerful too.

Your word is like a lamp that guides my steps, a light that shows the path I should take.

Psalm 119:105 (ERV)

Dear Father, thank you for stories and storytellers. Help me to want to read my Bible more often. Teach me and guide me. Amen.

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