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Fun fact for the day: did you know that bamboo is a type of plant that Pandas eat? Bamboo absorbs more carbon dioxide than other plants, and it produces about 30% more oxygen than other plants. Lots of companies are using it these days because it seems better for the environment and it’s super strong. And it can grow about 3 feet per day–wow.

We definitely don’t grow that fast–not in life, but also not as a Christian. Quite often, it seems like we’re moving backwards. Do you ever have days that it seems like you are doing worse at patience? Or being kind? The good news–God accepts us anyways. We can start fresh each day, but we do need to come to God and admit our mistakes and failures.

We should live in the light, where God is. If we live in the light, we have fellowship with each other, and the blood sacrifice of Jesus, God’s Son, washes away every sin and makes us clean.

1 John 1:7 (ERV)

Dear Jesus, thank you for your sacrifice. Forgive me for my sins, especially my selfishness. I often only think about myself. Help me to do better. Give me wisdom so I can grow as a Christian. Amen.

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