March 24, 2020: Manna for the Day 1
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March 24, 2020: Manna for the Day

March 24, 2020: Manna for the Day 2
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Do you remember the story of the Israelites in the desert? They complained that they had no food, so God sent them manna every morning. Manna actually means “what is it?” in Hebrew. God told them to just take what they needed for the day, no more. And every day He provided them what they needed for that day.

God provides. He will give you what you need for this day. Don’t ever give up hope, but just remember that He will provide you Manna for today. What do you need? Patience? Hope? Faith? Maybe it’s something physical, like food or medicine. Pray for what you need–even if it’s something that seems stupid to pray for like toilet paper. I’m not saying it will rain down from the sky, but even if God doesn’t send toilet paper, he may send you the creativity and strength to get by without it.

Let’s be satisfied with our Manna today. Let us not be looking too far ahead into the future. Today, I have enough.

Fill us with your love every morning.  Let us be happy and enjoy our lives.

Psalm 90: 14 (ERV)

Dear Father in Heaven, forgive me for not trusting in you to supply what I need. Forgive me for worrying. Help me to have faith in manna, and give me the words to help other people around me remember it too. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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