March 25, 2020: Rhinos Rising 1
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March 25, 2020: Rhinos Rising

In the news this week, there are reports that the endangered Black Rhino species is doing better. Black Rhinos live in Africa, and are in danger mostly because of hunters who want their horns. Some people believe that the horn has special powers, and will pay lots of money for a powder made from grinding it up–horns sell for around $27,000 per pound. According to the report, the Black Rhinos population went up the last few years–only by 2.5%, but still that’s good news.

These days, we need to keep looking for the good news, or the silver lining. There’s an old saying that you can’t have a silver lining without clouds. Right now, there are definite good news stories out there, but too often people only want to see the clouds. On the news, on social media–people like to share the worst news a lot. But lately, people have been sharing the good, small, amazing moments. The young man who gives an older lady the loaf of bread at the grocery store because she didn’t get any. People sharing uplifting videos of quarantine areas coming together to make music, while social distancing.

The story of the Bible is the Good News. It’s the most silver lining story ever made. We need to share the good news, the hope, the peace and the love right now.

I remember you in my prayers. And I always thank my God for you. I thank God because I hear about the love you have for all of God’s holy people and the faith you have in the Lord Jesus. I pray that the faith you share will make you understand every blessing we have in Christ. My brother, you have shown love to God’s people, and your help has greatly encouraged them. What a great joy and encouragement that has been to me.

Philemon 1:4-7 (ERV)

Dear Spirit, teach me to share the story of salvation, with both words and actions. Help me to show my love for God, and to be a source of joy and encouragement for others. Amen.

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