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PM: August 12, 2019

PM: August 12, 2019 1
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Today was National Middle Child Day–it’s meant to recognize people who have an older and a younger sibling. Sometimes, people who are middle children feel a bit invisible–the older one gets more attention because they’re doing more things and they’re the leader, the younger one gets more attention because they need it more and they’re the baby of the family… so the middle child can feel unsure of their role, even if that’s not the truth

We are like the billionth child with God, but we are never invisible to him. You are loved and cherished with a fierceness that is beyond understanding. The Lord says to us:

I cannot forget you.
16 I drew a picture of you on my hand.
    You are always before my eyes.

Isaiah 49: 15-16 (ERV)

Dear Lord, thank you for making me feel special, that you could never replace me with someone else. I’m yours. Thank you for that love. Amen.

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