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PM: July 27, 2019

PM: July 27, 2019 1
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In a news article on, they talk about how people in Japan are renting cars to have a quiet space–to either take a nap, make phone calls, or just watch TV. In many cities in that area, they don’t have a quiet place for themselves to do these things, so they rent a car for an hour and take a nap.

Sometimes in our lives, we get caught up in a lot of noise, busyness–we’re surrounded by television, phones, Netflix, music–and we don’t make time for ourselves to be still and quiet. God talks to us in the quiet moments–if you don’t ever just sit, sometimes it’s hard to make space to let God in. Try and sit somewhere, without any noise and just tell God you’re there and you’re listening.

“Be still, be calm, see, and understand I am the True God.

Psalm 46:10 (VOICE)

Dear Lord, Here I am right now. Speak to me. Give me ears that are open and listening to you. Help my soul to hear you, even if I don’t hear words from you. Amen.

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