Three Words To Find You: May 17, 2020 1
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Three Words To Find You: May 17, 2020

Three Words To Find You: May 17, 2020 2
Photo by Jonny_Joka on Pixabay

In the news this week, a group was hiking in Tasmania when one of them got hurt. When the friends called for help, they couldn’t say exactly where they were, so the emergency staff told them to log onto a website called . This website breaks down the whole world into 3 meter square grids, which are referred to by three words. Once the medical staff knew the three words, they could find the injured hiker. Try it–I was hoping my house would have some really awesome words like ‘honesty’ or ‘wizard’ or even just ‘clever’… nope… nothing cool at all. Hopefully yours is more fun than mine.

Three words to tell you where you are in life… You. Are. Loved. Those three words tell where you are–you are safe in God’s salvation, safe in God’s hands, safe in God’s vision. You are never lost, forsaken or forgotten. You are never NOT loved.

“The mountains may disappear, and the hills may become dust, but my faithful love will never leave you. I will make peace with you, and it will never end.”

The Lord who loves you said this.

Isaiah 54:10 (ERV)

Dear Father, Thank you for keeping me in your heart and loving me so much. I Love You Lord. Amen.

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