Check Your Stripes -- July 29, 2020 1

Check Your Stripes — July 29, 2020

Check Your Stripes -- July 29, 2020 2
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Today is International Tiger Day. Fun facts about tigers: they can grow up to 11 feet long and weigh up to 660 pounds, they are great swimmers and can swim over 3.5 miles, a group of them is called an ambush or a streak (awesome, right?), they can run about 40 mph, and white tigers are so rare–they have a gene that is only in 1 out of 10,000 tigers.

So I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the saying to show your true stripes, but what that means is to show what you really believe and show your true character. So are you showing your stripes? When people are playing with you, talking to you–what are you showing about your character? Do you grab for as much candy as possible? Do you take the last cookie? Do you let people use your favorite toys? Those things are hard to do, but face it–are your instincts kind, generous and thoughtful?

Everything that is hidden will be shown, and everything that is secret will be made known. What you say in the dark will be told in the light. And what you whisper in a private room will be shouted from the top of the house.”

Luke 12:2 (ERV)

Dear Lord, forgive me for my instincts of selfishness and greediness. Help me to be kind and generous. Thank you for every thing you give me and help me to share. Amen.

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