Finding Coins -- August 16, 2020 1

Finding Coins — August 16, 2020

Finding Coins -- August 16, 2020 2
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Did you know there is a shortage of coins in the US right now? If you go to a store, there’s a good chance they can’t give you coins back. Because of COVID19, people aren’t using their coins, so they are sitting in jars and piggy banks at home. That’s definitely something that nobody saw coming. When people were in lockdown, they weren’t using their change. That’s a lot of coins sitting lost around houses.

There’s a Bible story about a lost coin in Luke.

“Suppose a woman has ten silver coins,[a] but she loses one of them. She will take a light and clean the house. She will look carefully for the coin until she finds it. And when she finds it, she will call her friends and neighbors and say to them, ‘Be happy with me because I have found the coin that I lost!’ 10 In the same way, it’s a happy time for the angels of God when one sinner decides to change.”

Luke 15:8-10 (ERV)

The coin means something to the woman. So she searches for it endlessly. When she finds it, she is happy. So God searches endlessly for anyone who is lost. And when the lost person comes back to God, the whole of heaven rejoices.

You mean something to God. He will not let you be lost. You mean everything to him. You are loved by him. He’ll never let you go.

Dear Lord, thank you for not letting me go. Forgive me for being selfish and full of pride. Amen.

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