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AM: September 15, 2019

AM: September 15, 2019 1
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Great blessings belong to those
    who don’t listen to evil advice,
who don’t live like sinners,
    and who don’t join those who make fun of God.[a]
Instead, they love the Lord’s teachings
    and think about them day and night.
So they grow strong,
    like a tree planted by a stream—
a tree that produces fruit when it should
    and has leaves that never fall.

Psalm 1: 1-3 (ERV)

Today we are starting at the beginning of Psalms–number one. Blessings belong to those who love God’s teachings and remember them, who do not mock God or his ways.

The image of growing strong like a tree is great–God’s word is the water to make you grow strong.

Dear Lord, Thank you for giving me your Word. Make me strong like a tree so that I won’t fail when people around me try to make me forget about you. Help me make wise decisions. Amen.

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