April 14, 2020: To the Skies 1
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April 14, 2020: To the Skies

April 14, 2020: To the Skies 2
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Today is two great National Days that go perfectly–National Look Up at the Sky Day, and National Reach as High as You Can Day. They are different but connected–Look Up at the Sky reminds you to get outside, and look up, notice details, notice what color the sky is– looking at the wonders of God’s creation always makes you feel good. And Reach as High as You Can Day–it’s still about looking up, but it’s more about looking at yourself and going for it. What are your goals? What’s a crazy experiment you can try today?

When you look up, it means to be positive –so today, look at the sky and help it remind you to look for the good in today.

How can you look up and reach as high as you can, not just physically, but in your life today? Can you try your very best at whatever comes your way? Maybe you have schoolwork, maybe you’re on Spring Break–either way–how can you go for it today and give it your ultimate effort?

God gives us different talents, abilities, emotions–we are all made uniquely and amazing. Reach for the Stars today, but how can you do that in a way to honor God? How can we put God first as we try and do our best today?

You will teach me the right way to live.  Just being with you will bring complete happiness. Being at your right side will make me happy forever.

Psalm 16:11 (ERV)

Look up to the skies. Who created all those stars? Who created all those “armies” in the sky? Who knows every star by name. He is very strong and powerful, so not one of these stars is lost.

Isaiah 40:26 (ERV)

Dear Father, help me to look up today, to be positive, to try hard and to put you first in all I do. Amen.

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