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Devotions for Kids

PM: September 30, 2019

PM: September 30, 2019 2
Photo by JoeCanale on Pixabay

Okay, get ready for this: click on this link and look at the picture–do you see a purple and orange skull? I’ll wait while you check it out…

Okay–did you look closely? Both skulls are actually RED. No really. It’s the color between it blending to make them seem purple and orange… your mind is blown, right? I’ll wait…I know you don’t believe me and you’re going back to double-check right now…

It’s good to go back and double-check facts and things websites post. There is a lot of fake news these days. You want something you can trust. So that’s something to aim for right? To be a person that other people don’t feel they have to double-check what they say? A good reputation takes a while to get, and it’s something you want to be proud of and keep.

It is better to be respected than to be rich. A good name is worth more than silver or gold.

Proverbs 22:1 (ERV)

We all make many mistakes. A person who never said anything wrong would be perfect.

James 3:2 (ERV)

Dear Jesus, help me to watch what I say and to be honorable and truthful. I’m not perfect, forgive me when I mess up. Amen.

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