February 11, 2020 - Patience People 1
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February 11, 2020 – Patience People

February 11, 2020 - Patience People 2
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In Mumbai, India, they’ve done something kind of cool…well, if you are a driver in the city you may not think it’s cool. The city has awful traffic, and drivers like to honk their horns–a LOT. The amount of sound is equal to being next to a garbage disposal. Most of their traffic lights have countdown timers, showing how long til the light will change. But police attached something to measure how loud it gets–if the honking of horns gets too loud–it’ll add 90 more seconds to the red light. So if drivers want to get anywhere, they will have to stop honking and be patient.

What if we had one of those during the day? Oh man, I’d get re-set to add 90 seconds a LOT…a lot, lot. Patience is definitely something to work on, but it isn’t easy. Many times in the Bible we are told to be patient–when asking for his help,

Trust in the Lord and wait quietly for his help.

Psalm 37:7 (ERV)

As we serve Him and have hope,

11 As you serve the Lord, work hard and don’t be lazy. Be excited about serving him! 12 Be happy because of the hope you have. Be patient when you have troubles. Pray all the time.

Romans 12:9-12 (ERV)

And with each other.

Always be humble and gentle. Be patient and accept each other with love. 

Ephesians 4:2 (ERV)

Dear Father in Heaven, Oh Lord, forgive me for when I am impatient–I fail so many times at that every day. Help me be patient to hear your voice, in hope and with other people. Amen.

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