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PM: July 19, 2019

PM: July 19, 2019 1
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When someone tells you “Good luck”, do you actually believe in luck? Here are a few ways people around the world think good luck comes to them (this is a bit long, but they’re pretty interesting, so be patient):

  1. In Japan, it’s good luck to have a sumo wrestler make your baby cry.
  2. In China, they believe good luck enters through the front door, so before New Year’s Eve, they sweep the floors to say goodbye to the old year, but they only remove the dirt through the back door.
  3. In Spain, you eat 12 grapes and wear red underwear at midnight on NY Eve for good luck that year…
  4. In China, the number 8 is lucky–they even planned the 2008 Olympics to begin on 8/8/2008 at 8:08pm.
  5. And possibly my favorite, in England, on the first day of the month when you wake up you have to say the word “rabbit”. It brings good luck… but don’t worry–if you forget when you wake up, you can say “tibbar” before you go to bed instead… you know, rabbit backwards…

So as Christians, we don’t really believe in ‘luck’ (but it’s okay to use the word, don’t worry). God is in control of everything, so we don’t need to worry about being lucky or unlucky. God is in control, not some random luck. That’s pretty comforting.

Let your servants see the wonderful things you can do for them.
    And let their children see your glory.
17 Lord, our God, be kind to us.
    Make everything we do successful.
    Yes, make it all successful.

Psalm 90: 16-17 (ERV)

Dear Lord, Thank you for being in control, thank you that my life is not a game of random chance. Forgive me if I doubt your plan for my life. Amen.

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