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Know Your Roots

Today is National Roots Day. It’s a day to try and learn more about your family’s history, stories, and memories. A lot of you may have had to make a family tree for school already, but learning your roots is more than just a bunch of names on paper. Take advantage of any relatives you have and hear their stories–when you hear about your grandparents struggles, failures and triumphs, it helps you understand your family, but it helps you too. All the experiences, bad and good, create our character and make us who we are–it’s important to hear the history from people in your family.

Family history is important in the Christmas story too–the book of Matthew starts out with the family tree of Jesus–about 40 lines of “Abraham was the father of Isaac” all the way through Joseph, Mary and Jesus. It’s pretty boring to read, so why is it there?

  1. Promise: These verses show God’s faithfulness–what he promised way back in Genesis–that the Messiah would come from Abraham.

I will use you to bless all the people on earth.

Genesis 12:3 (ERV)

2. Plan: God planted these seeds thousands of years before Jesus’ birth. It’s cool to see that happen. Step by step, God makes things happen for his people.

This Christmastime, think about how much you are loved by a God who sent his son to earth as part of a Plan for you, and as part of a Promise made to you.

Dear Lord, Thank you for your promises to me–promises to be with me, to love me, to forgive me and to save me. Create in me a willing heart to hear your plan and promises each day. Amen.

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