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Devotions for Kids

November 23, 2019

November 23, 2019 2
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Today is National Espresso Day. Espresso is a type of coffee–if you’ve heard of a latte or cappuccino, it’s made from espresso. Most people think it’s stronger than regular coffee, but it’s just more concentrated. Hopefully you aren’t drinking coffee yet… Fun fact: there are 30,626 Starbucks stores in the world, in 76 different countries.

That many countries makes me think of the Tower of Babel in the old testament. Do you know the story?

Then the people said, “Let’s build ourselves a city and a tower that will reach to the sky. Then we will be famous. This will keep us together so that we will not be scattered all over the earth.”
Then the Lord came down to see the city and the tower. The Lord said, “These people all speak the same language. And I see that they are joined together to do this work. This is only the beginning of what they can do. Soon they will be able to do anything they want. Let’s go down and confuse their language. Then they will not understand each other.”
So people stopped building the city, and the Lord scattered them all over the earth. That is the place where the Lord confused the language of the whole world. That is why it is called Babel.[a] And it was from there that the Lord caused the people to spread out to all the other places on earth.

Genesis 11:4-9 (ERV)

God did not like the pride in the people’s attitude–they were building this tower for selfish pride and to be famous. They wanted to reach God’s height so they wouldn’t need him. God warns us about pride and asks us to be humble.

“God is against the proud, but he is kind to the humble.”

James 4:6 (ERV)

Dear Lord, Help me to be humble, not proud. Forgive me for pride and thinking I’m better than others, and for thinking I can do things on my own, without you. Amen.

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