PM: May 31, 2019 -- Grateful Heart 1
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PM: May 31, 2019 — Grateful Heart

PM: May 31, 2019 -- Grateful Heart 2
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Think of a movie where there’s a scene in it when the characters are still and silent, watching or experiencing a beautiful moment. Maybe it’s the end of Black Panther when they’re watching the sunset, or Shrek when Donkey and Shrek are looking at the stars.

Tonight is Friday night, and too often we are used to thinking “Thank goodness it’s the weekend” because of no work or school. Tonight, take a moment and be still before going to bed, and thank God for this very moment. This one.

And tomorrow, be grateful for those moments. And on Monday, if you have to go back to school, be grateful for those moments too. Don’t think too far ahead, just be still and be grateful for now.

To You, Lord, I give my whole heart, a heart filled with praise, for I am grateful;

Psalm 138:1 (VOICE)

Dear Lord, thank you for this very moment, for breath and life, for people who love me, for safety and for beauty in life. Amen.

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