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AM: October 12, 2019

AM: October 12, 2019 2
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Fun fact for the day: according to one scientist, Dr. Roger Clark, the human eye, if it were a camera lens, would be 576 megapixels. To compare–most phone cameras are 12-20 megapixels, and just think of how good those photos are. The best, most expensive regular cameras are around 50-75 megapixels. That’s how amazing your eye is.

Think about that–with all our technology, the human eye is so well-designed, so complex, so fantastic, that it puts all our best technology to shame. That’s what the Creator put into you–all that design, complexity, thought, care–you are so amazing. Each and every part of you–think about how small your eye is, but it’s so ridiculously awesome. God made you in his image, and He is beyond understanding. It makes sense that our bodies are pretty amazing.

I look at the heavens you made with your hands.
    I see the moon and the stars you created.
And I wonder, “Why are people so important to you?
    Why do you even think about them?
Why do you care so much about humans[a]?
    Why do you even notice them?”
But you made them almost like gods
    and crowned them with glory and honor.

Psalm 8:3-5 (ERV)

Dear Lord, Thank you. I should be humbled in front of you right now. Make me see your majesty, and make me humble and awestruck by your power. Amen.

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