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Devotions for Kids

AM: October 19, 2019

AM: October 19, 2019 2
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Today is National Sweetest Day. It’s a day to do little things for people who need them most, people who need extra attention. It’s a day to do “small things greatly”. It began as Candy Day back in 1916, which was a day to give sweets as unexpected treats to show care for other people. The smallest thing can change someone’s day, and bring them joy.

What can you do to bring joy to someone who needs it? God tells us to do things for other people, to pay attention to those who need it, and to share and be generous. Who that you know needs a bit of extra attention today? A grandparent? Cousin? Someone at church? Your teacher? And what can you do? Text or email them? Bake cookies?

10 Love each other in a way that makes you feel close like brothers and sisters. And give each other more honor than you give yourself.

Romans 12:10 (ERV)

Dear Lord, Thank you for blessing me. Show me someone to pay extra attention to today. Amen.

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