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AM: October 8, 2019

AM: October 8, 2019 2
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Today is National Tag Day. Fun fact: a while back, all sorts of people started saying that tag stood for “Touch And Go” … TAG, but that’s actually not true. Someone just made it up. If you look it up, there are a TON of different kinds of tag to play, but basically it comes down to one thing… you’re it. Oh man, I think these kangaroos are ready for a game of tag, right? They sure look like it.

Can we play tag with God? Not really, I mean, come on now, I think he’d be unbeatable. But we can go back and forth with God in our talking and listening to him. You talk to God, tell him your problems, say thank you and be grateful to him…then tag, He’s it. Now He talks back to you through reading the Bible, but also through the Holy Spirit. Try and be still sometime and just be… listen for God to nudge you to do something. It’s not really tag, but He can whisper back to you, then you’re it again. Try it –back and forth talking with God.

God gives hope. May he make you very happy. May he give you peace because you believe. Then the power of the Holy Spirit will give you much hope.

Romans 15:13 (WE)

Dear Lord, Show me how to be still and to listen for your voice. Teach me how to depend on the Holy Spirit to help me in my life. Amen.

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