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Devotions for Kids

AM: October 9, 2019

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Today is an actual day to think about–Stop Bullying Day. If you’ve never been bullied, you may think ‘why is this such a big deal?’ But if you have been bullied, you know it’s a big problem. According to ,  49% of kids grades 4–12 said they were bullied by other students at school sometime in the last month, and 30.8% said they’d bullied another student. And about 70% of students have seen someone get bullied. If you’re being bullied or you’ve seen it happen, find an adult, like a teacher, you can trust to help to start with.

Nobody should be made to feel like they are less of a human, or less important. Everyone is made beautiful by God, each of us is unique and loved. But it’s hard to remember that when someone is making fun of you for being fat, or short, or having a loud voice, or just because they don’t like you. Remember that, because sometimes we may not bully, but we do tease. And teasing can get out of hand. Show love. Be love. Spread love.

When you talk, don’t say anything bad. But say the good things that people need—whatever will help them grow stronger. Then what you say will be a blessing to those who hear you. 30 And don’t make the Holy Spirit sad. God gave you his Spirit as proof that you belong to him and that he will keep you safe until the day he makes you free. 31 Never be bitter, angry, or mad. Never shout angrily or say things to hurt others. Never do anything evil. 32 Be kind and loving to each other. Forgive each other the same as God forgave you through Christ.

Ephesians 4: 29-32 (ERV)

Dear Lord, help me to watch what I say. Show me if I’m teasing too much and causing people pain without realizing it. Help me to say things that hurt people. Amen.

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