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AM: September 6, 2019

AM: September 6, 2019 1
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Oh man… I’ve been waiting for this day for a while–it’s just too good to be true. Well, at least for me. Wait for it… it’s National Lazy Mom’s Day! For real. It’s a day for you to do one or two things that your mom normally does. Maybe do some laundry for her? But wait, there’s a perfect storm of National Days to go along with it, because it’s also National Read a Book Day and National Coffee Ice Cream Day. So I guess that moms are supposed to take a break from cleaning, read a book, while eating coffee ice cream? Sounds like heaven to me.

Heaven is hard to imagine for me. I can kinda get a picture in my head of a more beautiful version of earth, with big gates and gold and everything shining, but it’s hard for me to imagine being in God’s presence. How are we worthy of that? It’s beyond my understanding.

But we are. God makes us worthy to be called his children. You are worthy of his love. Pretty amazing.

I have called you by name. You are Mine! …You are of great worth in My eyes. You are honored and I love you.

Isaiah 43:1 & 4 (NLV)

Dear Lord, You are worthy of all praise and you are mighty. Thank you for loving me and making me worthy of your salvation and love. Amen.

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