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AM: September 7, 2019

AM: September 7, 2019 1
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Fun and random fact for the day: when you travel on an airplane, it can mess with your sense of smell and taste. Studies were done on this and being on an airplane is about the same as having a cold in terms of how much you can taste. Even weirder though, the humming noise of the plane engines (also called white noise) makes sweet tastes were duller, but savory (like meaty, tomato-y tastes) are enhanced, so people start craving things like tomato juice when they fly because of the white noise. Weird.

We are told to crave God and his word. That’s a hard thing to do. Think about how much you crave something after you see it on a commercial, like ice cream, or a burger. It gets into your head until you eat it. That’s how we are supposed to be thinking of God–so it gets into our head and we need to read the Bible. I know craving God is not a normal feeling for me, but maybe things like listening to Christian music or putting Bible verses on sticky notes may help.

Just like a deer that craves streams of water, my whole being craves you, God.

Psalm 42:1 (CEB)

Dear Lord, Help me to crave your word. Forgive me for not thinking about you as much as I should during the day. Amen.

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