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AM: September 9, 2019

AM: September 9, 2019 1
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Today is National Teddy Bear Day, so give your stuffed bears some love. Fun fact about teddy bears–did you know they got their name from President Teddy Roosevelt? In 1902, President Roosevelt was on a hunting trip, and he refused to shoot a bear cub they saw on the trip. It made the news, so a man created a new toy and wrote the president to get permission to name it after him… the teddy bear.

Teddy bears are great to help us feel less alone–think about how many times you may have been a little scared at night in your bed, and how hugging one of your stuffed animals helped you sleep better. Now that you’re older, they may not work as well, so you may need to think of another friend to help you feel safe–yep, Jesus. Talk to him when you’re feeling scared and afraid–He’s right next to you and He’s ready to listen at any moment. You are always safe, loved and watched over.

I look up to the hills,
    but where will my help really come from?
My help will come from the Lord,
    the Creator of heaven and earth.
He will not let you fall.
    Your Protector will not fall asleep.
Israel’s Protector does not get tired.
    He never sleeps.
The Lord is your Protector.
    The Lord stands by your side, shading and protecting you.
The sun cannot harm you during the day,
    and the moon cannot harm you at night.
The Lord will protect you from every danger.
    He will protect your soul.
The Lord will protect you as you come and go,[a]
    both now and forever!

Psalm 121 (ERV)

Dear Lord, Protect me today. Thank you for being near me. Help me today with whatever comes my way, and remind me of your protection tonight as I sleep. Amen.

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