Mickey Mouse Details -- August 9, 2020 1

Mickey Mouse Details — August 9, 2020

Mickey Mouse Details -- August 9, 2020 2
Photo by Skitterphoto on Pixabay

In the news last week, the tax department for the state of Rhode Island made a pretty funny mistake. They sent out tax checks to people who got money back, except the checks were signed by Mickey Mouse and his creator, Walt Disney. Turns out that they use Mr. Disney’s signature on test prints, and it got onto the real thing. Sadly, those checks won’t work, and they need to send out new ones.

We are blessed to have the real thing in Jesus–no fakes. Pure love, mercy and goodness. His love for you is no joke–100% real.

“You are my Lord. Every good thing I have comes from you.”

Psalm 16:2 (ERV)

Dear Lord, thank you for loving me in a real way. You love everything about me, and I’m amazed by that. Help me to show my gratitude by helping others more. Amen.

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