AM: July 6, 2019 -- Noise for God 1
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AM: July 6, 2019 — Noise for God

This may seem weird, but in Europe, they think that cars aren’t noisy enough, so they’re making them louder…

AM: July 6, 2019 -- Noise for God 2
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It’s true though– electric cars, since they’re electric, they don’t make as much noise, so there have been more accidents with pedestrians, people walking, since they don’t hear the car coming. It turns out electric cars have 40% more chance of being in an accident with a walker. Think about it–how often do you listen for traffic to stay safe? And for cars backing out of driveways? And what about if you’re blind? So it kind of makes sense, even though it seems weird. Sounds like a similar law is headed to the US too.

Maybe we need to quiet down the rest of the world, not make the cars more noisy?

Sometimes noise is good. God likes our noise, when we say his praises, sing, worship him. Or even our quiet noises, when we whisper a prayer.

Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth!

Psalm 100:1 (ERV)

Dear Lord, I may not shout your praise, but I know you hear me even when I am silent. Help me to learn how to sing your praises better. Amen.

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